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Learn how to choose the ideal pillow to avoid back pain

Having a good and restorative night’s sleep is not so easy. If the bed is not comfortable, lying down may cause pain, especially in the spine. To help consumers buy the right mattress and not fall into fake advertisements, Protest (Brazilian Association of Consumer Protection) listed some information.

Tips for Better Sleep without Remedies

The subject is serious and the discomforts should not be ignored. Marcelo, a player of the Brazilian National Team, was out of a World Cup game because of an injury caused possibly by a very soft mattress. To know more about Mattress Sale Houston, seek help online.

There are four typesfoam, springs, latex and water. The body advises against the therapeutic ones, because it affirms there is no scientific proof of the advantages of using this product. The ideal 0078mattress will depend on what each person needs and if they already have problems in the spine and posture. Check out other tips

Support is important

A good product supports the whole body and leaves the spine straight. If you sink on the mattress, your back will stay in a bad position, which will result in pains in the morning. The most indicated is a bed with medium density, between soft and rigid.

Temperatures influence

Those who live in a place with very hot weather should avoid foam mattresses, since they insulate the cold well but absorb heat and humidity. For this time, it is better a springs, because it allows better ventilation.

 If you sleep with someone restless

For those who are lighthearted, the slightest movement may disturb. If you sleep with a person who moves endlessly at night, the ideal is to invest in a mattress with bagged springs, because they do not transmit the movement to the other side of the bed.

Mattress has expiration date

The product should be used between 8 and 10 years maximum. Turning the mattress change the tip on which the head rests by the part where the feet are and the side on which it lies on the bed on a monthly basis, it guarantees a little more duration and comfort.

What time to change your mattress?

A mattress has a maximum shelf life of 1 to 10 years. There is a variation of quality and useful life depending on the type of product of the same manufacturer. We must verify the recommended usage time on the certificate.

Either way we should have frequent attention to the situation of the product. Some signs show that it is time to change it.

Check for any stain or different coloring, holes or dirt

Being uneven, with very low density and uncomfortable, also show the need for the exchange.

Check the warranty on your mattress. Interpret the guarantee as validity. Any mattress that ends your warranty we can understand that you are liable to lose your physical properties. Therefore, a good parameter is when your warranty is expired, that is, it is time to change the mattress.

There is a special mattress when the partner moves too much during sleep

With the technological evolution in the manufacture of mattresses, especially the ones of springs, have been developed products that minimize the effect of the movement of one of the partners in the bed. Look for options at the time of purchase